At The Big Apple our main method of learning is by "immersion in English". This means that the classes are taught exclusively in English. Not just the classes, but the relationship between student and teacher is always maintained in English to promote the use of the English language as much as possible in day-to-day life.  The immersion process is aided by the use of gestures, repetition, didactical examples, etc.




Support classes


Designed to help those kids who need an extra push to learn English, providing them with an  adequate environment where the student can feel comfortable imparting any doubts or questions they may have about the material. We help them with their English homework and with any questions that come up with the English material they have to fulfill at their school. (((This course is especially beneficial to children who are beginning their studies at a bilingual school and need help adapting to the English curriculum.)))  We help them develop their capacity to study and be self-sufficient when doing their work. We also collaborate with parents, facilitating them with information so they can help their children at home.





Classes for children from 2 years old with an efficient methodology tried and proven to work on the most important muscle involved in the development of excellent pronounciation- the tongue. We reinforce the development of this ability through songs, games, and story-telling.


We have set up a pen pal program with schools in the United States to keep correspondence with children there through video-conferencing since thanks to the time zone difference, they are in school in the mornings when we are at the academy in the afternoons.



           •          ESO y Bachillerato, PAEG


We have reduced groups which are divided by level so that the classes are adequately fitted to the needs of each student. We also have available to these groups our Pen Pal Program in which the student partake in correspondence with high schools students in the United States through video conferences in which we will track the evolution of their ability to maintain a conversation.  These video conferences will take place during our hours of class since, thanks to the time zone difference, it will be morning time for the students in the United States and they will be at school.


We prepare our students ages 16 to 18 year old students for the PAEG, to help them with their school studies. We also provide them with the necessary skills to get the certifications which they are required for getting into college, such as the B1 level of English, which is now required for every university career.


Also, for oír mosto ambitious students, we also have available groups to help them obtain their First Certificate for the University of Cambridge, which corresponds to the superior level of English required for certain university careers and to work abroad.



We have available reduced groups for all levels from beginners up to advanced level conversation classes.

Also, if you need to obtain an official certificate, we prepare you for those as well. We also offer one-to-one private classes to improve pronunciation and fluidity of speech, as well as help with technical vocabulary for any given profession or for preparing job interviews.




If you are interested in receiving a certification according to European standards you can do this through Cambridge University,((( which is the world leader in English standardized testing))). The Cambridge levels recognized by the European Union and abroad are: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2.


For the littlest students, Cambridge is offering certificates according to their standards of testing children. Those levels are: Starters, Movers, and Flyers. The Cambridge program for kids starts at 7 years old and goes until they are 12.


You can also receive a Cambridge International Legal English Certificate (ILEC) at The Big Apple. This course is for law students or those currently practicing law who want to better their English as it pertains to their career.

The Cambridge International Legal English Certificate (ILEC) exam combines a general level of English as well as specific vocabulary and terminology pertaining to Law. Nowadays, Enlgish is an essential tool for any lawyer who deals in International Law or with professionals in other countries. 


English is the official  language for things such as commerce, law and economics, as well as engineering, telecommunications, and computer science. More and more, businesses demand a certain level of english from their employees so they can compete in the global market and be able to have access to information regarding their particular business from clients, and sources abroad.


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The Big Apple offers translation services. As well as the possibility to obtain translation of legal documents and any other type of official documentation.


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For more information regarding interpretation services for businesses, please contact us via email.




At The Big Apple we organice trips to English-speaking countries with our professors. In this way, we can come closer to understanding the context of the language by getting to know it's culture.




Our goal in offering a summer camp for kids is providing them with a more intensive immersion program in which they can have hand-on and creative activities in English. This is also an opportunity to try out what the learn in the classroom outside while they are playing and relating to other kids in a fun environment. The Big Apple organizes the camps with teachers who are native speakers where the use of English  can be imparted in day-to-day activities.